Seaview House Hotel Covid 19 Policy for Guests & Employees We are monitoring the situation as it develops and preparing the business by reviewing our policies and procedures and ensuring that we have a contingency plan in place. The HSE and Irish government have published guidance on protecting yourself from coronavirus and minimising the spread of infection. This is being updated regularly, we are keeping a close eye on updates and will abide strictly to any advise given by the HSE or Government but need to maintain a business as usual attitude while taking every precaution. What are we doing to help protect our staff and customers? Here are the steps that we are taking to try to protect against an outbreak at work and what steps should be followed. • We’ve carried out a risk assessment to ensure best possible hygiene practices in the workplace. • We’ve trained employees on recognising coronavirus symptoms and the steps they should take if they suspect they may have come into contract with someone who is infected; • We’ve provided alcohol-based hand sanitiser in all departments/areas of the hotel. • We’ve placed wall mounted sanitisers at entry points throughout the hotel. • We’re keeping up to date with local government advice as well as World Health Organisation (WHO) updates and communicating these to employees; • We’re updating any policies and procedures which may be affected by an outbreak of coronavirus, including sickness, absence and agile working policies; • We’re continuously sanitising public areas and bedrooms and have a dedicated Public areas staff member on duty at all times wiping down contact surfaces. • We’re continuously sanitizing all office and workspaces • We’re asking employees to report to HR if they have been to a high-risk destination or if they have been in contact with someone who has been to a high-risk destination or if they have been in direct contact with anyone who has tested positive with the virus regardless of whether they are exhibiting symptoms. If you have any other suggestions on how we can improve these conditions please email us at . Guidance & Protocols for employees or guests. • Wash hands properly and regularly: - after coughing or sneezing - after toilet use - before eating - if in contact with a sick person, especially those with respiratory symptoms • Cover mouth when coughing and sneezing: - cover your nose and mouth with disposable tissues - if you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your arm or sleeve (not hand) - put used tissues into a sealed bin - wash your hands -Do not Shake Hands with any Team Member and guests. Avoid at all costs. -No cloths to be used for any wiping only disposal paper towels -Constantly remind to refrain from touching face. -Key point reminder sheet on what to do during work shift to be placed at staff entrance and time point machine. Hand cleaning and sanitation 1- on arrival at work at clock in point, and after clocking out 2- cash handlers sanitize 3- kitchen hand wash min every 30 mins 4- customer facing team , wash hands every 30 mins min 5- all others wash or sanitize every hour minimum Or more often if you feel necessary Avoid touching face . 6- -The 'Kitchen' Sanitzer Spray to be distributed behind each bar and at the front desk. – 7- Housekeeping: Disposable Gloves to be used when servicing every room. Disposed of after every room Hands to be washed after every room serviced before new set of gloves used Disposable Apron to be used per cleaning of room - protecting uniforms. – Public House keeping - when servicing bathrooms -Disposable apron to be worn and disposed off per service. Restaurants: • Backs off all chairs to be sanitized twice a day by each departments team (this is separate to hygiene team check list) o • Salt and Peppers on the table need to be wiped at the start and end of shift. ▪ These need to be brought into opening and closing procedures with immediate effect. Food and Beverage Service Especially Weddings: After every service run course: All service team are to sanitize and if time allows wash hands in pantry kitchen. UNIFORMS: Team members need to wash their uniforms more frequently at a 60 degree wash . • Front Desk - Showcase due diligence Key : ▪ Drop box to be placed for key on the front desk at check out. ▪ All key in the box to be sanitized before being re put into circulation. ▪ Have pencils permanently on the desk counter for signatures of registration cards ▪ Pencils to be wiped down with alcohol wipes. ▪ Office staff to sanitize their own offices thoroughly each day. An adequate supply of hand sanitisers, gloves, paper towels and disinfectant materials are available to all employees, throughout the hotel. Hand sanitiser units will be on display throughout the hotel. Please use the designated sanitiser chemicals for disinfectant purposes. 2.SPECIFIC GUIDANCE FOR THOSE AT RISK & PROTOCOL We advise that team members do not travel to the listed affected areas. However, in the instance that you have recently travelled to an area in which there is a spread of Covid-19 with community transmission, please notify HR and the General Manager. If you decide to travel to a currently identified ‘affected area’, we will have to consider not rostering you for 14 days after your return. The following affected areas have been identified by the HSE: (This list will be updated on an ongoing basis) • China • Hong Kong • Singapore • South Korea • Iran • Japan • Certain regions in Italy: Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont Employees & Guests 1. If you are or have been in an ‘affected area’ please contact HR or the General Manager in advance of returning to the workplace or staying in the hotel 2. We request that all employees who have recently travelled or are planning on travelling to please notify HR of the dates and general location to which you plan to travel. 3. If you have returned from an ‘affected area’ in the past 14 days and have become ill with flulike symptoms, you are advised to contact your GP by phone and isolate yourself (i.e. stay indoors and avoid contact with other people). Symptoms include: a. a cough b. shortness of breath c. breathing difficulties d. fever (high temperature) Note: you should not attend your GP’s surgery (unless directed to) but contact the surgery by phone and inform the GP of your travel history and symptoms. If you do not have a GP, you should phone 112 or 999. 4. If you have returned from an ‘affected area’ in the past 14 days and do not have symptoms, you should visit and contact the HSE helpline by phone for advice (Callsave: 1850 24 1850, Phone: 041 6850300). 5. The same guidance (points 1, 2, 3 & 4 above), should be followed if you have been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of Covid-19. 6. IMPORTANT: If you are confirmed to have contracted Covid-19, you must be cleared by the HSE / certified by your GP prior to returning to work. We thank you for your cooperation with the above. When must employees self-isolate or work from home? The HSE has advised self-isolation where an employee has been in a place where there is a spread of coronavirus, has been in contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus or has developed symptoms of coronavirus in the last 14 days. Selfisolation means staying indoors and avoiding contact with other people. An employee who has developed symptoms should be on sick leave, and therefore not working. If the employee is asymptomatic, it may be possible for the employer to ask the employee to work from home. Any specific questions on self-isolation or symptoms or attending work please contact Ronan on or call hotel line on 02750462