COVID-19 Policy

To all our guests,

We are very happy to confirm that we are re-opening on Friday July 3rd and we are all delighted at the prospect of returning to what we love most, looking after you.

Whilst there have been many changes over the past few months, here at Knockranny, some things never change. Our goal to provide our guests with long lasting memories of their time spent with us is always to the forefront.

In our preparations to welcome you back to us, or on the occasion of your first visit, we have incorporated all the guideline issued by the Irish Hotel Federation, Failte Ireland, HSE, HSA and FSAI to ensure your peace of mind during your stay. Specifically we have set up a committee to oversee the implementation of all measures adopted and are actively incorporating these into our procedures. We have always had a very extensive set of protocols around hygiene and food safety and any new procedures will serve to strengthen an already effective regime.

In order to ensure a smooth transition for all, we would kindly request that all our guests follow the government guidelines current at the time of your visit and cooperate with us in the observation of social distancing and protocols relating to personal hygiene. We would also request that any of our guests showing symptoms of COVID-19 or have returned from overseas within fourteen days of your arrival would reschedule your visit to Knockranny in order to protect all concerned.

All our staff will be fully trained prior to returning to work in the relevant aspects of dealing with prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Following a review of the guidelines, our procedures and our physical space we will be using screens in some areas and staff will use PPE where required. Upon arrival we request that only one person per room approaches the desk to check-in. It may be a requirement for all guests to have their temperature checked at the check-in stage as a precaution and we would ask that guests understand the reasoning behind this and comply if requested to do so. Where possible please use card payments and bills can be emailed rather than printed if requested. Porterage will be available but only on request.

Our accommodation team will continue to service your room during your stay. If any of our guests prefer to avail of a less intrusive service please let us know before hand. We will remove a number of items from our rooms in compliance with guidelines however we promise to bring them back when the situation allows it!

Breakfast will be served in La Fougère as before however our cold buffet will be manned by our Restaurant team and guests will not have direct access. Hot breakfast will be served from the kitchen and we would ask that guests be patient as we adapt to the new service. Spa Salveo’s pool, once open, will be available from 7.30am to 8pm daily and our therapists eagerly await the reopen date so they can enhance your stay with our range of relaxing treatments.

Our talented chefs have added some new items to our popular menu in the Brehon Bar and will continue to produce classic dishes in La Fougère. We are particularly looking forward to using as much locally sourced food as possible and have added new vegetarian recipes, some of which are personal favourites of our Head Chef, Seamus Commons. Room service will unfortunately be curtailed, however, we have space for all in our Bar & Restaurant.

We have been very active during our closure, using the time to complete work around the hotel. As well as carrying out general maintenance, we have repainted all of our bedrooms, renovated our front desk, installed a new outdoor seating area for you to enjoy the views and maintained our grounds in readiness for your visit.

It only remains for us to open our doors once again and welcome back old friends and new.

Kind regards,

Adrian & Geraldine Noonan