The most accessible island in Ireland!

The island, is approximately 3 miles long with a population of about 100, and lies off the southwest coast of Ireland. Sherkin Island, the ancestral home of the O’Driscoll clan, is the most accessible island in Ireland – only ten minutes by ferry from the small fishing port of Baltimore, Co.Cork

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About Sherkin Island

While staying in Casey's of Baltimore you can easily enjoy a day trip to Sherkin Island. The islands offers tranquil beauty with breathtaking landscapes and stunning clean golden beaches. Leisure walks past Francisacn Abbey, O'Driscoll Castle ruin, old Light House and art dislpays.

There are ferries daily from Baltimore (15 minute crossing). Baltimore Harbour is a large, well sheltered natural harbour and is very popular with sailors. A pleasant relaxing day could be spent here. Sherkin has its own special character. Many of Sherkin's residents are active in the fields of art: island craft, paintings and book writing, all inspired by Sherkins tranquil lifestyle. Some of this Art is exhibited in the craft centre by the Jolly Roger Tavern and in the Abbey around Sherkin that highlight the best of the resident artists open from May to September.

The busiest season starts with school summer holidays when people with young families visit the island. The busiest day of the year is a celebration of Sherkin Regatta, usually held on the 3rd weekend in July, but which can often be postponed to August if weather does not allow. On this day the island is busy with sea rowers and their fans. Children's activities, music and food stalls are all part of the Sherkin fair.

Activities on Sherkin Island

Inland there are also various opportunities to take part in a range of activities such as kayaking (renting kayaks from the mainland), surfing particularly off Cows Strand on the island and sailing with an Islanders Rest Marina and some sailing courses available through Glenan’s Sailing Club and Baltimore Sailing Club. There is also opportunity to take advantage of Sherkins less hilly landscape and cycle around the island to various spots. There are also a number of beaches to note including Silver Strand and Cows Strand where one can sunbathe and relax or go swimming or surfing. Also provided one tidies up there is amble space to camp around the beaches of Silver Strand and the Horshoe Harbour and if the mood takes you you can set up a barbeque on the beach.

The islands natural inhabitants...

The island plays host to a number of visiting migratory birds such as the a number of Terns and several breeds of Gull and around Roaring Water Bay there is a collection of Black Guillemot Puffins to be seen. Onland otters are to be found in the wetland areas and near rivers, streams and lakes as well as the sea. As well as birds and otters the surrounding waters play host to a number of species of dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles, various sea life and of course seals which can be seen on the island and which calve on the nearby appropriately named Calf and Carthy islands. The Whale and Dolphin ecotours provided on the island and inland in Baltimore give ample opportunity to try and observe these creatures in their natural inhabitants.

The best way to find out about Sherkin island is to go and explore for yourself!